4 mistakes that real estate make in the face of digital transformation 4 mistakes that real estate make in the face of digital transformation 4 mistakes that real estate make in the face of digital transformation

4 mistakes that real estate make in the face of digital transformation
7 August 2019

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With digitalization, real estate agencies have been immersed in a state where technology has forced them to adapt their company to new tools and commercial strategies. However, there are 4 typical mistakes they make and that seriously harm them when it comes to obtaining economic benefits.

  • 1- Differentiation

Many real estate agencies do not define their position in the market. Every day more actors appear who compete only digitally and offer cheaper and faster services. From Mediaelx we recommend our real estate clients to work their brand correctly because if they do not, they will lose the competitive struggle. For this, it is important to know the current digital tools

  • 2 - Do not understand the new customer acquisition strategies

With the passage of time, new digital platforms have appeared that allow us to know more accurately the target client: where it is, what it looks for, where it moves, what hobbies it has ... You have to establish competitive strategies if you will not lose opportunities for recruitment .

  • 3- Do not understand the new formats of communication with customers

The most important thing for a real estate agent's success is to convert that contact or lead into a friendship or professional relationship. Prepare a prior communication strategy and another after the sale of the property. We must respond to the current needs of customers.

  • 4 - Ignore current digital tools

There are many digital platforms that allow a real estate agency to improve their professionalism to establish strategic criteria and / or improve the relationship with the client. Mastering any of them you will achieve your goals.

How can Mediaelx help you improve your digital adaptation?

In Mediaelx we have a digital marketing department specialized in real estate agencies. We offer different tools to help our real estate clients adapt their services to new technologies.

For example, we have a community manager who can create and manage your social networks. Many real estate companies focus their strategy to capture leads through social networks. We can help you improve your web traffic and achieve new followers, publishing rich, original and independent content. In addition, we will share your properties in the main real estate groups of Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

More information at: https://mediaelx.net/en/social-networks/

Also, Mediaelx is also an expert in web positioning for real estate . We can help make your properties and your company brand more visible on the Internet.

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