5 benefits of having a modern professional website 5 benefits of having a modern professional website 5 benefits of having a modern professional website

5 benefits of having a modern professional website
29 August 2019

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Having a stagnant and outdated professional website can have serious consequences for an Internet business. In Mediaelx we want to help all companies to boost their business on the network.

Nowadays it is not enough to have a corporate website. To achieve the goals and objectives that a professional proposes each year, we must offer the world something new and attractive.


  • Optimized loading speed. The waiting time is something so important for the user that it can become a key piece for the success of a web page. If you have an online project with an optimized load, you will attract more customers.
  • Web developed with current technology. So that the user does not encounter an obstacle when loading a web content, it is important to have a page developed with an updated version. In addition, Google penalizes websites with flash technology or versions prior to HTML 5. This fact seriously affects the visibility of search results.
  • Website with relevant content. Having a website with new content helps improve the credibility of your company. If the information on your page were wrong, it would confuse your potential customers, losing great conversion opportunities.
  • Responsive Design In Spain more than 90% use the mobile to access the Internet. If your website has its own version for mobile devices, you will compete on equal terms with other companies in your sector. In addition, Google also penalizes all those websites that are not optimized for phones or tablets.
  • User experience improvement . With a modern professional website, adapted to mobile devices, intuitive, easy to interact and with a fast loading, you will increase the user experience.

In Mediaelx we are specialists in professional websites

Do you have an old web page? Have you opened a new business and want to boost your products on the Internet? In Mediaelx we are experts in the design and development of professional websites.

All our websites have the benefits mentioned above plus other modern features. We are specialists in custom websites, so we do not use any type of template. We do everything to measure.

Trust the experience and professionalism of Mediaelx to professionalize your company. If you want to know more details of our corporate websites, call us at +34 966 222 989 or send us an email to our email: info@mediaelx.net

Our company is located in Calle Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, 58 03201 Elche (Alicante). Come, discover our office and allow us to provide you with a budget based on the needs of your website.

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