Importance of answering property enquiries quickly Importance of answering property enquiries quickly Importance of answering property enquiries quickly

Importance of answering property enquiries quickly
7 November 2019

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The Spanish real estate sector is, perhaps, one of the most competitive businesses worldwide. If we focus on the areas of the Costa Blanca (Alicante) and Costa Cálida (Murcia), this competition is multiplied by two.

One of the main reasons why many real estate agencies waste conversion opportunities is because of the lack of attention or interest in inquiries from their potential clients. Either they respond too late or contact them when the user is already visiting another real estate website.

  • Who before responds to the client's demand, will be the first to keep it. This is so, even if it sounds wrong to say it; and more in the real estate market. If you can quickly answer the user's query to one of your properties or services, you are more likely to turn that user into a client.

Solution? It shortens more and more, the response time. Check every 2 hours the emails you received. Remember that the user wants an “already” answer.

  • If you respond at the moment, you improve the professionalism of your real estate. It can be, a priori, complex by time or effort but answering on time any call or inquiry by email, will benefit the image of your real estate. Your real estate agents will transmit an image of a respectful, professional and reliable person.

Mediaelx offers you a personalized real estate CRM, ideal to easily and quickly manage your queries

Our web design and development company for real estate agencies on the Costa Blanca and Costa Cálida offers every agent who wants to improve their response times for queries, a custom real estate CRM.

In such software for real estate, you will have access to a complete database of all the emails you have received from interested properties. You can easily respond to each of them and control the reception and response times at all times.

In addition, our private control panel is 100% adapted to mobile devices , so if you or your real estate agents base most of the working day outside the office, you can manage all inquiries from your mobile devices: Smartphone, Tablets , Laptops ...

Being a custom CRM, the features it incorporates are the most innovative and updated real estate web development. What else incorporates our CRM?

  • Export to real estate portals
  • Sales and rental management
  • Calendar of meetings, tasks and visits.
  • Sales report
  • Sending email and properties to potential customers
  • Daily alerts of calls or appointments with clients

Hire our Real Estate CRM and be the first to respond to inquiries from potential customers

If you want to take advantage of every conversion possibility, do not hesitate to hire our real estate CRM.

To learn more about our flagship product, contact us by phone by calling +34 966 222 989 or sending an email to info@mediaelx.net

If you wish to hold a meeting with our professionals, we are waiting for you at Vicente Blasco Ibáñez Street, 58 03201 Elche (Alicante).

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