How to professionally manage a Facebook page How to professionally manage a Facebook page How to professionally manage a Facebook page

How to professionally manage a Facebook page
5 December 2019

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For a real estate agency, allocating part of its Online Marketing strategy to social networks can bring great benefits in the short term. Facebook is one of those platforms that are going from being a social area to becoming a reference medium for companies.

To succeed on Facebook, it is important to consider several aspects that transform the page of a real estate company into a place that captures the attention of its followers and potential clients. As?

  • Publish content with images that conform to the rule of thirds. People say a picture speacks thousand words; on Facebook much more. When a publication is shared, bright images must be added that follow the rule of thirds, that is, have a correct composition of objects.
  • Create events This social network allows you to create an event that indicates that an important celebration is approaching in your real estate. You can share it with your followers to capture their attention and strengthen their confidence.
  • Publish varied content. To professionalize your real estate page on Facebook it is important to keep it updated daily with contents that are not repetitive. Be original and novel.
  • Respond to comments and opinions with education. To increase the image of serious and professional real estate it is very convenient to always respond to all comments with respect, whether positive or negative.
  • Make users recognize you instantly. Having complete and updated information on your real estate is important for the user to contact you. Create a page that allows the user to know instantly who you are, what you offer and where you sell it.

In Mediaelx we can help professionalize your real estate on Facebook

There are many more tools that must be taken into account so that a professional Facebok page can be considered important and achieve its proposed objectives.

In Mediaelx we can help create a page that is kept active and updated daily. We have an expert team in social network management prepared to share your properties from a social media marketing perspective.

We will help you improve your presence on Facebook, increase followers and convert users into potential customers.

Do you want your real estate to have its own page on Facebook? Contact us

If you want your real estate website to also have a professional page on Facebook or other social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or Pinterest, do not hesitate to contact our website and web positioning company in Elche.

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