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How to identify the real reviews of a company on the Internet

12 December 2019 | Social Networks

With the digital era, many companies, such as Mediaelx, are committed to improving their visibility on the Internet. Google reviews have become a way of converting customers looking for a product, completely ignoring the company that offers it.

Some users have been scammed by falling into the trap of many malicious comments. Reviews are already a business for many people looking to make money at the expense of the extra confidence of false reviews.

At Mediaelx we work hard every day to achieve real reviews from satisfied customers.

How to trust companies like ours that advocates a good practice of reviews on the Internet?

  • Do not be guided only by the stars. It is important to know that stars are achieved based on the average number of positive and negative opinions. There will be companies that have 5 stars because, perhaps, they have only three comments. Spend more time entering your file to know the total number of reviews and compare them with other opinions of companies that offer the same product.

At Mediaelx we currently have an average rating of 4.9 (5 stars), calculated using a total of 80 opinions provided by our customers.

How to identify the real reviews of a company on the Internet

  • Identify the quality of a false review . Normally false comments are created by automatic applications. The content is usually generic and contain misspellings. Always respond politely and if false reviews persist, contact Google so they can remove it from the Internet.
  • Pay attention to the question and answer. To get an idea of whether a company is trustworthy, be guided by the answers you give in each review. They can give you a different view.

How to identify the real reviews of a company on the Internet

  • Trust the reviews of other companies. In Mediaelx we usually ask that you provide us with your positive or negative review through corporate emails. This way you can check the quality of the comment and the existence of the company.

How to identify the real reviews of a company on the Internet

How to ask your customers for a review on Google My Business?

If you would like to improve your professionalism and visibility on the Internet by growing comments on Google, you should remember the following steps.

  • 2. Find your listing on Google. Tell your customers that your company's listing is always on the right side of the search engine.
  • 3 . Click on “write a review”

Don't have time to manage your profile in Google My Business?

If you think you will not be able to keep your Google My Business profile updated daily, Mediaelx can help you.

Our web positioning and Online Marketing department can save you effort and time publishing content of your products, updating your company information or informing you of new reviews.

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