We turn 18! We turn 18! We turn 18!

We turn 18!
29 January 2020

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Do you remember where you were today just 18 years ago? We had just been born!

Today, Wednesday, January 29, 2020 , Mediaelx celebrates its 18th anniversary. An important date marked in our calendar and that means a before and after in the life of our professional web page company in Elche.

If Mediaelx has been able to reach its “age of majority” it has been thanks to the strong commitment made in 2002 by the current founding partners: Miguel Moreno, Claudia Molina and José F. Martínez.

2002: a dream come true

If today is a very emotional day for Mediaelx, it is thanks to the courage that three friends had in 2002 to start their own business. Like every beginning, it was not easy. We start installed in a small place in Elche ( Capitán Gaspar Ortiz street ) with enough infrastructure for day to day, that is, a desk and desktop computer.

18 years have passed since that beginning and we can say that those nerves and doubts have become pride, enthusiasm and desire to continue working at the head of Mediaelx.

From the Mediaelx management we want to thank our customers first . Without them the company would not have grown and become a benchmark in the web development market in the province of Alicante. And secondly, we would like to thank our team for the daily effort and dedication so that Mediaelx has been able to offer quality services and continue doing so in the coming years.

Everyone has a dream to fulfill in his life and Mediaelx has already made it come true

Thank you all!

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