Know the risk of having a real estate website with a template-based design Know the risk of having a real estate website with a template-based design Know the risk of having a real estate website with a template-based design

Know the risk of having a real estate website with a template-based design
25 February 2020

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Is your real estate website template or perhaps part of an MLS? From Mediaelx - LetsINMO we want you to be aware of the risk that may arise from not using a website that has been created from scratch and has its own design, customized to your company and different from that of your competition.

Template-based websites or MLS are created through the same pattern and use the same aesthetic elements for your projects. Every day, millions of users access the Internet to know what could be the future "house of their dreams". On many occasions they find it on a website that they did not know without paying attention to the name of the agency . They are simply attracted to housing.

That is the serious problem and the danger of offering homes on a website without custom design to your company .

The user who wants to return to your website, that is, to your company, to visit that house that has caught your attention, turns out that he has accessed a website other than yours but is not aware of it because you share the same web template, with the same design, almost the same colors and on many occasions even with the same photos!

What would happen if the potential client has seen another home with the same characteristics in price and quality?

The user thinks that it continues on the same real estate website as in his previous connection. She has seen a similar property, attracts her more and decides to contact that other company. You have already lost that customer and therefore that sale.

This situation often occurs in many real estate agencies that are not aware of the risk in marketing that means not having their own website designed following the image of your company.

The money you save when you buy a web with template you can lose it by stopping receiving queries

Spain is probably one of the main countries with the highest percentage of interest in the sale and purchase of real estate.

This fact implies a high degree of competition between real estate agents. Everyone seeks to turn that lead into an end customer and for that, differentiation plays a fundamental role.

Bet heavily on your real estate and offer your users an exclusive web page tailored for your company .

Mediaelx - LetsINMO will develop a personalized project so that your clients remember the name of your real estate and know which website they have to go back to when they want to access the house of their dreams.

If you do not want to be a real estate agent on the Internet that offers housing, if you do not want to risk being confused with your competition and want to capture the attention of your potential clients and take care of your landlines, come to Mediaelx - LetsINMO.

  • 100% custom and customized design
  • Of course 100% adapted to mobile phones
  • Multi language.
  • Online Chat
  • Contact by WhastApp
  • Webs adapted to the Data Protection Law (GDPR)
  • Built-in SSL Security Certificate
  • Etc

Do you want a real estate website with custom design? Contact us

If you want to leave your old website with a template or MLS for a website with an exclusive design, call us at +34 966 222 989 or send us an email to info @ Mediaelx - LetsINMO.net

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