Have you devoted time to the public texts of your website? Now is the best time! Have you devoted time to the public texts of your website? Now is the best time!

Have you devoted time to the public texts of your website? Now is the best time!
23 March 2020

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Every day we offer our customers a place to publicise our products or the most important information about our company and, largely due to lack of time, we hardly review the public texts on the website.

A misspelling, a meaningless sentence, a text with little information , in short, low-quality content can tip the balance of our business towards success or failure.

For this reason, from Mediaelx-LetsINMO we invite our clients to take care of and review the texts of their main sections from home and make the extra time we have for COVID-19 a business strategy.

Ask your partner, child or acquaintance to read the texts on the web to get a second opinion. Together you will get different aspects of the content to improve or enhance.


Factors to consider when reviewing the main texts of a web page

If you want to spend part of your day at home to improve the public content of your website, Mediaelx-LetsINMO gives you some tips to keep in mind.

  • Length of texts.

The home page, about us and services are usually the sections where more content is intended. From Mediaelx-LetsINMO we recommend writing texts with a minimum of 500 words, whenever possible.

For the rest of the sections, like for example, contact or products with a couple of paragraphs is enough.

  • Persuade the reader.

Do not write to write. Always think of the reader (potential customer) and write a rich, original and readable text. A paragraph - an idea. If we put empty content, we will bore the user and it will not take long to search for information on other websites.

  • Think Google

The texts of the main sections of a corporate website are a good web positioning tool. If you want to improve the visibility of your website, optimize each of your public content to the maximum. How?

        - It uses a main and secondary keyword in each section.

       - Add some H2, H3...

       - Highlight any product with bold type

       - Add some "contact" or "more info" button

       - Etc

Do you need more advice? Contact us

If you have any questions regarding the information we have provided, do not hesitate to contact us.

You can contact us by phone, calling us at +34 966 222 989 or by email, writing to info@mediaelx.net .

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