Meta tags: your website's best ally Meta tags: your website's best ally Meta tags: your website's best ally

Meta tags: your website's best ally
31 March 2020

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If there is an essential job in optimizing a web page, it is the creation and publication of Meta Tags. Meta Tags are, as their name suggests, tags that provide relevant information to help search engines to better categorize a web page.

Meta Tags play a very important role in SEO , since they help to better position a website or online store . The user cannot see them with the naked eye since they are added to the HTML code of the web. In order to view them, they need to do a Google search.

Meta Tags are made up of three fields: Meta-Title, Meta-Description and Meta-Keyword . This unit is known in SEO as snippets. In the following illustration you can see how a snippet is structured in an Internet search.

Meta tags: your website's best ally

How to make a good Meta Tag?

The Meta Tags must be created following the necessary guidelines to, on the one hand, tell Google what information there is on each page of your website and, on the other hand, capture the user's attention.

Taking both objectives into account, a good meta tag has to be created as follows:

  • Meta-Title:

In the 'Title' meta-tag, you must title the page with the keyword of the product or service that you want to appear in the search engines . At the same time that you title the meta tag, you will be naming the URL as it is automatically generated.

The title of the meta-title must not exceed 55 characters . Otherwise, Google will only display the keyword up to that limit. If, once the keyword is added, you have room to fill in, you can complete the section with more keywords. You just have to separate them with a horizontal bar.

  • Meta-Description:

This tag is responsible for displaying the description of the page you want to register. You have to insert a little information that summarizes the product or service to be published, along with the keywords to position. It should not exceed 155 characters, since if it does, all the content written will not appear (in the search engines).

At Mediaelx-LetsINMO we recommend that you fill in the meta-tag box with some 'emoji' that will draw your attention. To insert an animation in the meta-description, we advise you to use the 'emojis' provided by Facebook: https://es.piliapp.com/facebook-symbols/

  • Meta-Keywords

The keywords meta-tag is used to describe the content of the page using keywords. Every word that you have optimized in the product description is usually added, that is, the main keyword plus other important words that summarize your specific page.

If you want to know other ways to improve the web positioning of your company, enter https://mediaelx.net/en/web-seo/ and find out about the SEO strategies that we can offer you.

Did you know that in the control panel designed by Mediaelx-letsINMO you can publish the Meta Tags yourself?

If you have a professional website designed by Mediaelx-LetsINMO you should know that in CRM we provide you with a tab called "search engines" so that you can create and publish the meta tags of your products yourself.

Meta tags: your website's best ally

This is an example of the search engine tab that you will find in your control panel. A word counter appears on the back of the meta-title and meta-description. Thus, you will know to what extent you should write.

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