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Position your properties at almost zero cost with the Quicklinks of Mediaelx-LetsINMO

27 April 2020 |

Quicklinks are a tool developed by Mediaelx - LetsINMO that allows you to create new pages with written content within your website. It is a key strategy for positioning any home to be promoted.

By yourself you will be able to create new landing pages with an independent and descriptive URL that will show property listings. For example, you could create a new landing page for a search criterion for which you are interested in being positioned and show a list of homes that fit that criterion.

In addition, each quicklink you create will appear on the home page of your website to convey more authority. Google indexes them and positions them better.

Do you use our real estate CRM? Quickly learn how to create a quicklink?

If you have hired our custom control panel, you can start creating your own quicklinks in 4 quick steps.

General tab. Filter those fields that refer to the property to be positioned.

  • Owner: Write a title of the home you want to promote.
  • Content : Write quality content that includes the keywords to position, some bold and header (h2, h3, h4 ...).

Search engines tab. This tab is used to indicate to Google the main information of the page to be created.

  • Title. Title of the house you want to position.
  • Description . A small description of the house.
  • Keywords . Similar keywords that have referenced the main keyword.

Activating this service in your real estate CRM you will be able to create your landing pages yourself. However, from Mediaelx-LetsINMO we recommend putting yourself in the hands of our experts in Web Positioning to get the best SEO performance out of your properties.

Get the most out of Mediaelx-LetsINMO Quicklinks with your real estate SEO experts

Put yourself in the hands of our specialists in real estate web positioning and discover how your properties begin to improve their presence in Google. If you already have your real estate CRM, bet now on the visibility of your real estate.

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