The new professional MACOOL website, a custom design adapted to all platforms The new professional MACOOL website, a custom design adapted to all platforms

The new professional MACOOL website, a custom design adapted to all platforms
10 July 2020

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MACOOL is an important illicit company with a long experience in professional equipment for food, industrial cold and hospitality that needed a quality website that was up to the standards of its products. For the design of your website you have trusted Mediaelx and for this reason, from here we want to give you our most sincere thanks for the trust placed in us.

Mediaelx has created the corporate website of MACOOL with a responsive design that allows the web to adapt perfectly to all query devices : Smartphone, Tablet, desktops, laptops ... Thanks to the responsive design, users will have a very positive experience when browsing comfortably on the web.

Like all the web pages that Mediaelx develops, MACOOL's professional website has a totally personalized design, adapted to the needs of the company and fully adjusted to its corporate image. In this case, we have incorporated a private area for clients. From this private area, MACOOL customers can access relevant information related to the products they have purchased with their personal password: they have the option of quickly and easily downloading operation manuals, maintenance guides, etc.

Other specific sections that we have included on this website, always following the quality standards, are the sections on:

  • Projects: Reports on your latest installations and projects carried out
  • Experience: Clients, certificates and accreditations that it has and its method of work.

In addition, it has a NEWS section with interesting entries that are very useful for its users. In this section the company can write about its latest products and their advantages, offer advice for the best maintenance of its articles or any current news related to its business. Remember that high quality content also generates online traffic to your website.

The new professional MACOOL website, a custom design adapted to all platforms

Why is it important that your website has a responsive design?

Nowadays, a responsive design of your website is of vital importance for your business because the individuals who want to access your website use different devices and with very different measures. With responsive design we ensure that all people can have a positive user experience, which means that they can stay longer on your website interested in your products and increasing the possibility of contact to acquire your services.

As a consequence, browsing time will increase when consulting your products, reading the texts of interest that you have published, finding out about the services that your company offers, etc. And Google will interpret it to be an interesting and quality website due to the high retention time per page and the low bounce rate. These are some of the factors that will allow the web positioning of your page to improve and therefore increase the online visibility of your company.

 The new professional MACOOL website, a custom design adapted to all platforms

We offer you a professional website, the first step to achieve the success of your business

If we have learned anything from the health crisis caused by COVID, it is that online presence is essential to publicize your business and increase your number of clients. At Mediaelx we put at your disposal our long professional experience. For more than eighteen years we have been dedicated to designing professional web pages . Our websites are tailored to the client and are self-managing , so you can manage your website by adding or removing the information you want: products, new services, updating the blog with interesting news for your clients, changing or adding photos to the main banner of the web, etc.

At Mediaelx we take care of giving you a comprehensive service and we offer you all the professional products you need to have a quality website that increases the success of your business:

  • Social media management
  • Writing the contents of the web
  • Web positioning
  • Professional design

In addition, our professional web pages are adapted to the Data Protection Law, so you do not have to worry about compliance with current regulations.

The new professional MACOOL website, a custom design adapted to all platforms

Contact MEDIAELX now, we will be happy to offer you the web solution that your company needs

Do not wait any longer and contact us today. At MEDIAELX we will listen carefully to your needs and offer you the best web solution for your company.

Fill in the form that appears on the web and we will contact you as soon as possible. If you prefer, you can send us an email to info@mediaelx.net or call +34 966 222 989 | +34 966 161 282 during our office hours.

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