Advantages of offering your properties with 360º virtual tours Advantages of offering your properties with 360º virtual tours Advantages of offering your properties with 360º virtual tours

Advantages of offering your properties with 360º virtual tours
18 September 2020

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The real estate sector has also had to adapt to the new situation caused by confinement and the pandemic. Both the restrictions to leave the house and the resistance of some clients to visit homes, have been the main reasons that a new real estate strategy has been established: 360º virtual visits.

With the Mediaelx real estate software it will be very comfortable and intuitive to include the virtual visit in the files of your properties.

Highlight your properties with 360º visits

Advantages of offering your properties with 360º virtual tours

If you want your business to remain at the forefront of the real estate sector, Mediaelx can design a banner on the Home of your website to publicize your properties with “360º Video”. By clicking on it, your clients will easily access all your homes with a virtual visit.

Advantages of offering your properties with 360º virtual tours

Our real estate CRM offers you another way to highlight your properties with a virtual visit. It allows you to add tags to your properties to highlight some of its main characteristics. You can include the label "Video 360" so that your clients know that this home has a virtual tour.

How to add a 360º video to your properties?

Advantages of offering your properties with 360º virtual tours

  • From the CONTROL PANEL access the REAL ESTATE category.
  • Enter the GENERAL tab of the home you choose. At the end of the box you will find the box "VIEW 360".
  • Copy and paste the URL of the 360 visit published by your provider on your website.
  • To save your changes, press the green UPDATE button.

What advantages does adding 360º Videos offer you to your properties?

1. Offer an innovative image of your business :

Using the most avant-garde technologies you will provide an innovative image to your audience and you will position yourself ahead of the competition. By offering your potential clients properties with a different and very attractive product, you have more options for them to trust your real estate agency to buy their home.

2. Save time and money:

A virtual tour allows the buyer to make a first visit of the property and discard it if it does not meet the required parameters. You will save time in travel and money in transport.

3. Comfort:

The user will choose the time of day that he prefers to make the virtual visits of the homes that interest him. With our professional web pages with responsive design, your website adapts to mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, ... making it easy to consult your clients from anywhere.

4. Realistic and objective view of the property:

Another aspect that supports the success of the 360º VIEW is that it incorporates a real vision of the house, both inside and outside. The virtual walk allows you to check the brightness of the house, the spaciousness of the rooms, the views that can be seen from its terraces, etc. In addition, you can move away or closer to a specific point as many times as you want to check details, construction finishes, etc.

Recommendations for making a 360º VIDEO of a home

If you are passionate about audiovisual media, today there is a wide range of cameras on the market of different qualities and prices, which will allow you to make the 360º video of the house yourself and that you can download it to your computer following the manufacturer's instructions of the camera. Next, add the 360º VIDEO to your property file, it will be very simple with our real estate CRM, as we have described above.

Remember that, to achieve a satisfactory result, you need high quality and very bright photos. The virtual visit must be very comfortable for the client, so you must take a natural tour of the house, as if it were a face-to-face visit .

Would you like to publish your properties with virtual visits?

Your clients will love to virtually visit your properties. It will allow them to recreate as long as they need in the details that interest them while they comfortably comment on their impressions. If you want more information related to 360º Videos for real estate, contact us.

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