4 recommendations to make your property listing more attractive 4 recommendations to make your property listing more attractive 4 recommendations to make your property listing more attractive

4 recommendations to make your property listing more attractive
25 September 2020

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Are you aware of the advantages that a well-written property file offers you?

In many cases, property files have little information or are not attractive to read. A property record with these characteristics causes disinterest in the reader who chooses to discard the property in question.

On the other hand, a properly structured and well-written property file will be very useful , since:

  • It will capture the customer's attention and there will be more possibilities of making a sale
  • It will improve the positioning of your real estate website

User experience is decisive for the positioning of your website . If you offer your customers a comfortable and attractive way to navigate your website and that allows them to find what they want, you will be able to maintain their interest and they will spend more time browsing your website. With a professional and personalized website you will transmit the confidence that the client needs and will bet on your agency to carry out their real estate operations.

In this post we want to offer you some optimization techniques for the property file of our real estate CRM that will improve the user experience and your visibility on the internet:

1. Make an interesting description of the property

❌ Very short description
❌ The client is not satisfied with the property information
❌ Does not contain keywords
❌ Does not contain information about the area

2. Include keywords in the description of the property

Do not forget to insert keywords in the description of the property to improve your SEO.

✅ Well structured information
✅ Use keywords
✅ Provide property information
✅ Provides information about the area
✅ Description with good length
✅ The client is satisfied with the information they receive

3. Photographs, the decisive complement

The images significantly attract the customer's attention, making them the most relevant component. For this reason, we offer you some very interesting tips on the photographs you should select for your property listing:

  • Main photograph: representative and captivating . That shows the views, the pool, the garden ...
  • Use quality photos, sharp and with bright colors that attract the attention of the potential buyer.
  • Do not publish all the photos (save some for clients interested in the house)
  • Also, do not include photos of irrelevant areas
  • Add photos of interesting places in the environment: beaches, golf courses, ... Remember that they may contain Copyright so you have to look for them in free or paid image banks.
  • It uses horizontal images since, regardless of the type of device used, its display is always better than that of vertical photos.
  • The photos must be optimized for the web so that they weigh little and that the loading time is less.
  • Insert labels to draw the customer's attention to the main qualities of the home: next to the golf, sea views, opportunity ... Never use more than three labels to avoid causing the opposite effect.

4. Videos and 360º Views

If you publish videos or virtual visits on your property listing, you enrich its content . Google interprets that it is a quality web page and improves the positioning . In addition, these types of files are very attractive for customers, which increases the possibility of buying the property . If you want to know more about the advantages of offering 360º Views in your properties, we recommend that you click on the following link:


4 recommendations to make your property listing more attractive

In summary, if your property files have an interesting description of the home and have good quality videos and photographs, the potential buyer will stay longer on each page, so Google will consider them relevant and improve their positioning.

The Real Estate CRM of Mediaelx LetsINMO, is designed to facilitate your daily work

In addition to helping you in optimizing some very complete property files, with Mediaelx LetsINMO's real estate CRM your daily work will be easier. It allows you to access the system from anywhere in the world and, from its intuitive and easy-to-use control panel , you will have access to all the necessary functionalities to manage your real estate. In addition, we offer you an after-sales service by phone or email to help you make better use of all its tools.

To contact Mediaelx , fill out the form that you will find on our website and we will contact you as soon as possible. You can too:

  • Write an Email to: info@mediaelx.net
  • Call the phones: +34 966 222 989 | +34 966 161 282

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