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Video marketing for real estates: how to add and display properties correctly on your website

27 November 2020 | News

By 2022, video is expected to represent more than 80% of web traffic . If you would like to join the race and have your real estate company compete to lead the views and visits of your website, bet now on the video format. If you make good use of audiovisual content, you will cause a greater impact on customers and also, Google will recognize you as a quality website that is worth recommending and positioning in the highest positions.

If you wonder how you can add a video to your website's properties tab, at Mediaelx LetsINMO we offer a very intuitive Real Estate CRM that will allow you to upload the content in a few clicks . You just have to follow these simple steps:

Video marketing for real estates: how to add and display properties correctly on your website

1. Access the property tab panel

2. Click on the "Videos" tab

Video marketing for real estates: how to add and display properties correctly on your website

3. Go to the video platform (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)

4. Click on "Share"

5. Copy the code of the corresponding link

6. Paste it into the control panel box

Don't forget to optimize your video so that it has a greater reach . To do this, write an eye-catching title, a description that contains keywords, and make good use of tags or tags to boost their visibility.

Why you should include videos in the properties file of your real estate website

If you work correctly with the use of keywords in the properties tab and combine it with a quality video, you will be closer to closing negotiations. Most real estate companies already include videos in their property catalog and are aware of the results: greater engagement (commitment) and increased sales .

You still have time to rethink your marketing strategy and include videos on your property listing. Think about the benefits it will bring to the management of your real estate and online reputation:

Convenience : To display your properties and make them known to your potential clients, you only need a device and an Internet connection.

Cost and time savings: You will avoid unnecessary trips and the client will be able to access the videos 24 hours a day.

Greater visibility and web traffic : Being a more visual content, you will be more likely that users will share your content with friends and family on social networks.

Influence on the purchase decision : The client obtains a greater knowledge of the property: what views it offers, how is the interior design, infrastructure, etc.

Credibility and trust : Videos offer more detailed and realistic information than images or texts.

Video marketing for real estates: how to add and display properties correctly on your website

Your real estate website does not receive the visits it deserves? Try the functionalities of our real estate CRM

One of the most effective solutions to capture more leads is through audiovisual formats. Video is a tool that generates high interactions between users . If you accompany the description of your property with an attractive video, it is very likely that the client will be interested, stay longer and share it with their acquaintances, which translates into better optimization for your real estate website .

With our Real Estate CRM you will be closer to leading the real estate market in your area . You will have access to solid tools that will not only help you to optimize your properties file as much as possible but also to have greater control of your daily queries and tasks.

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