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Take advantage of automatic newsletters to promote your properties every week

3 December 2020 | News

Have you heard about the great conversion and loyalty potential of Email Marketing for real estate? If you still do not use the sending of Newsletters in your business, you are in time to rethink your strategy and grow your sales. Some real estate companies are already making use of Email Marketing and are delighted with the results obtained.

If you wonder how you can take advantage of Newsletters to boost the sales of your properties, discover our Real Estate CRM now. At Mediaelx LetsINMO we have a very practical functionality that allows any real estate agent to manage the sending of newsletters without complications . To launch your Newsletter campaigns, access the following post and you will get a step-by-step guide on how to send Newsletters successfully :

https://mediaelx.net/en/news/1513/guia-send-a-newsletter-with-the-real-estate-crm/ .

Once you have familiarized yourself with our real estate CRM, the next step is to send the newsletters responsibly, without disturbing or harassing the subscribers. Every week you can send them updates on the sale or rental of your properties, price drops, investment opportunities ... As long as you make good use of the Newsletters, you will have many sales opportunities.

Take advantage of automatic newsletters to promote your properties every week

Email Marketing: why you should implement this technique in your real estate

Email Marketing has a higher ROI compared to other digital communication channels , so you will have more possibilities of converting leads into potential customers. Nowadays, it is an indispensable tool to strengthen ties with potential clients who will not hesitate to contact you if the content has been of great interest to them.

If you know how to use it, it will become your best sales ally. Email Marketing is gaining ground within online real estate marketing due to its multiple benefits:

✅ Sales increase

✅ Loyalty

✅ Closer and personal communication

✅ Build trust and empathy

 Does not require a large economic investment

 Opportunity to reach customers directly

 More traffic to the web

We recommend that you do not send more than a weekly newsletter so as not to saturate your contacts and prevent them from unsubscribing. The moment a subscriber signs up for your Newsletter, it will mean that they will be interested in knowing the properties you offer, comparing prices, locations, characteristics ... If you provide them with valuable content, when they decide to buy or invest in the future, they will take you into account as one of the most attractive options.

Take advantage of automatic newsletters to promote your properties every week

Generate automatic Newsletters with our Real Estate CRM and make work profitable

Among the many strategies that you can implement in your real estate, you can not miss the Newsletter. At Mediaelx Lets INMO we are aware of the great impact of Email Marketing on the audience and that is why we include in our real estate CRM a feature that will interest you: you will be able to automatically schedule and send Newsletters about your properties without this slowing down your work.

If you want to get the most out of Email Marketing , our personalized Real Estate CRM will be a real discovery. Find out now about its functionalities and characteristics:

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