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Reinforce your sales strategy by sending properties to more than 20 free real estate portals

17 December 2020 | SEO / Web Positioning

The competitive real estate sector forces professionals to continue reinventing themselves and looking for more effective strategies to attract leads . Today, real estate portals are a very powerful sales channel to publicize your properties to a wide niche of buyers , both national and international. If you are worried about not having time to carry out such an important task for the company, our Real Estate CRM will become your best ally.

How long will it take you to share your properties on the most popular portals? The answer is very simple: NOTHING. From Mediaelx we take care of talking to the portals (paid and free), exporting the properties through XML Feed, optimizing the file and everything necessary so that the real estate professional only has to focus on answering questions and customer service . From the same place, you will be able to manage the consultation of your clients, without the need to visit the portals one by one.

Once you discover how easy and multifunctional our Real Estate CRM is, you will be delighted with the renewed management of your real estate. It will allow you to optimize time, comply with daily multitasking and improve the quality of your services. The dream of any real estate agent!

Reinforce your sales strategy by sending properties to more than 20 free real estate portals

For a greater dissemination of your homes, share them on the paid and free real estate portals

Sharing properties on real estate portals is an excellent opportunity to reach a large number of buyers of all nationalities : English, French, German, Swiss, Italians, Finnish, Dutch, Russian ... Get closer to your target audience and make your clients find them quickly and easily !

If you have come this far, it is because you are not very convinced with your current marketing strategy and you need to implement more solid tools. At Mediaelx LetsInmo you can choose different SEO packs to enhance your brand and appear in the first Google searches . Find out here what services your real estate needs: https://mediaelx.net/posicionamiento-web/seo-inmobiliario/ .

Think about the sales opportunities that you are losing if you do not plan and carry out an adequate digital strategy. The automatic sending of properties to free portals is one of them and you can start it whenever you want with the contracting of our Plans 3 and 4 , which also includes other essential services such as:

✅ SEO audit

✅ Keyword Research

✅ Content creation

✅ Detailed monthly reports

✅ Suggestion of online and offline improvements

✅ Personalized consultancies

✅ Google My Business optimization

✅ Linkbuilding

✅ Social Media Management (only in Plan 4)

Reinforce your sales strategy by sending properties to more than 20 free real estate portals

Our Real Estate CRM: a real life saver for real estate agents

Is one of your purposes for 2021 to improve the management of your real estate agency ? It is time to take stock and set professional goals. Our software for real estate agencies will make it easier for you to organize at work, whether in the office or at home: management of client inquiries, export of properties to free and paid real estate portals, sending Newsletters, calendar to schedule calls, appointments, chores…

Start the new year on the right foot with the help of a professional company like Mediaelx. If you are ready to compete in the digital environment , contact us today through the communication channel of your choice:

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