SEO in a property listing: find out how to rank a property on Google SEO in a property listing: find out how to rank a property on Google SEO in a property listing: find out how to rank a property on Google

SEO in a property listing: find out how to rank a property on Google
21 January 2021

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When a potential client has a search intention on the Internet, such as "bungalows for sale in Santa Pola", he will click on the first results of the search engine page. And you will ask yourself: What do I have to do for my catalog or property listing to climb positions and lead the searches for that keyword?

SEO in a property listing: find out how to rank a property on Google

The secret is nothing more than taking care of the content of your property file with interesting texts and striking visual elements, especially if you are going to open up to the world by exporting your properties in the main real estate portals. If you don't have the necessary time, at Mediaelx we make it very easy for you. We have a powerful CRM system in which you can not only optimize your property file but also export them to a large list of national and foreign real estate portals.

  • Idealista, Right Move, Zoopla, Kyero, A Place in the Sun, Think Spain, Green Acres, and many more!

Before exporting, you will need to make sure that your property sheet contains quality information. We will then have to work on offering quality content that is indexable for Google .

SEO in a property listing: find out how to rank a property on Google

How to know if my property file is well designed

How many times has a user left a property tab due to lack of information? Content is not our enemy, on the contrary: it is our best tool to attract our audience. Take care of him! If you don't know where to start, lean on our Real Estate CRM, where you can design several property files in a few clicks .

Before submitting your properties to the real estate portals, check that you have completed all the fields successfully:

General tab

  • Main characteristics: reference, price, type of property, location, orientation, m2, number of rooms and bathrooms, swimming pool, garage, energy rating, etc.

It offers clear information on the aspects of the home that the client should know, but without over-informing them. The client must always be given facilities, but it should not be overwhelmed.

Options tab

  • Description of the property . Stop for a moment in this section. If you do it right, you will have taken giant steps to appear in the first search results.
    • Title (H1 tag) : insert a captivating phrase with an axis keyword , such as: “Villa for sale in Costa Blanca with spectacular sea views”.
    • Descriptive text : To enrich the content, we recommend that you include keywords naturally, use bold, divide the text into paragraphs, add H2 and H3, etc.

An enriched and correctly written text will have positive effects on the positioning of your property listing . When users search for "Villas for sale in Costa Blanca" in the future, your property may appear as one of the first options. If you don't have time to write good content, you can always turn to our SEO content service .

Images tab

Images are one of the essential elements that you should show yes or yes on each of your property files. Make sure that they are quality images that describe both the interiors and the surroundings of the house, and that they weigh little so as not to slow down web loading. Also make use of the ALT attribute to position the images in the search engine.

Videos / 360º Views tab

The more sugar the sweeter. A good way for Google to understand that your content is of quality is to complement it with a video that provides context. Apart from helping you to position yourself, you will generate good experiences in the user who will not hesitate to share it among their contacts or contact you directly.

If you have 360º videos, you can also add them without problem. Videos and 360º views are tools that generate high interactions between users , which will allow you to increase the visibility of your properties.

SEO in a property listing: find out how to rank a property on Google

Do you have any question? We listen to you carefully

Now that you know the information that should not be missing in your property file before export, get down to work with our Real Estate CRM. You will be surprised how easy it is to navigate through its interface and how comfortable its functionalities are. You will take advantage of its excellent system for exporting properties to partner websites and real estate portals . You wish you had it before!

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