Don't waste any more time uploading houses one by one to your website! This tool publishes them all at once and in a single click Don't waste any more time uploading houses one by one to your website! This tool publishes them all at once and in a single click Don't waste any more time uploading houses one by one to your website! This tool publishes them all at once and in a single click

Don't waste any more time uploading houses one by one to your website! This tool publishes them all at once and in a single click
26 March 2021

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Are you one of those who still upload properties to the web manually? Blessed patience! With all the pending tasks (calls, meetings, signing contracts, visits ...), you have to roll up your sleeves and start transferring all the information about your collaborators' properties to your website. If this situation is familiar to you, at Mediaelx we know how to get rid of this headache with a convenient tool .

We are talking about our automatic XML upload system , with which you can publish hundreds of properties at the moment with the press of a button . But there is still more: this import tool is capable of synchronizing with the databases of your collaborators without you having to do anything. This means that, if there is any change in the property's file, such as a price drop, this information will be automatically updated at night and will be reflected on your website the next day.

Putting your properties on "automatic pilot" while you sleep will give you the peace of mind of knowing that your properties are being managed correctly, without creating confusion for the client with inconsistent information and always providing a continuous quality service.

Have you just started a real estate business? We help you to get a database of houses easily

If you have just launched your real estate business, you will also be interested in having a database of houses quickly and start working on attracting leads as soon as possible. It is always more positive to enter the sector with a large portfolio of properties than to have a poor list, without sales aspirations.

Our automated property submission system is compatible with the Kyero XML feed , which is used by virtually all real estate agents. You will quickly incorporate it as an inseparable work tool in the day-to-day life of your real estate .

If you really want to enter the sector stomping, we advise you to speak with our real estate specialist advisor , who will know how to guide you towards a complete digitization with automated work patterns and necessary to take control of your real estate.

XML house import system: the definitive solution to automate the rudimentary tasks of your real estate

Most real estate agents use shortcuts to meet the agenda and this self-managing XML import system is one of them par excellence. It has become an essential for real estate companies that, from the beginning, realize its great benefits:

  • Automatically publish numerous collaborators' homes within my website with a simple action. à Saving time and effort
  • Create unlimited XMLs with hundreds of properties without having to pay the provider for each XML. à Cost savings
  • Connect with the websites of your collaborators every night through a centralized real estate CRM à Comfort and rest
  • Keep the real estate databases updated against possible changes: know which new houses have entered, dropped in price, have been sold, etc. à Professionalism and quality of service

If you feel identified with a real estate agency that is against the clock and does not reach the daily objectives, take a moment to reflect:

➡️ How much time do you spend uploading your collaborators' properties to your real estate website?

You could perfectly spend hours and hours in front of the computer screen copying and pasting all the details of the properties to your website . No real estate agent would want to put themselves in this place.

➡️ How long would it take with Mediaelx's automatic XML system? Nothing!

With a single click you can dump thousands of properties at the moment and automatically . Once you see how convenient and fast it is to import properties through this tool, you will ask yourself: Why haven't I used it before?

Optimize the work of your real estate agency through our XML import tool, the fastest and most complete

When it comes to importing properties, you have two options: continue passing them hand in hand for a few hours or let a system transfer your provider's properties to your website while you spend your valuable time on urgent tasks, such as answering customer inquiries or promoting your households.

If you choose this second option, Mediaelx is here to help you. Our tools are designed to make the real estate agent's work routine more bearable through automated guidelines and processes . At Mediaelx we care about the professional management of your real estate.

Do you have any doubts whether to take the step towards digitization or not? Talk to our consultants specialized in real estate for a free consultation and solve all your problems at the moment:

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