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PS ESTATES and ATLAS INTERNACIONAL, two innovative websites adapted to the new real estate market

17 December 2021 | News

To achieve the comprehensive transformation they wanted and digitize their companies, PS ESTATES and ATLAS INTERNACIONAL have chosen Mediaelx, because we have a team of consultants specialized in online marketing focused on the real estate sector, which have provided them with the digital advice they need. they needed.

From here we want to thank you for the trust you have placed in us to innovate in your business.

ATLAS INTERNACIONAL is the example of a company where experience and innovation go hand in hand. Since 1977, they have provided an excellent real estate service to their clients, taking care of all the details, but they have not neglected their adaptation to the new real estate market. For this, they have trusted MEDIAELX to design a professional and innovative website for a future business.

PS ESTATES was born from the collaboration of two co-workers in the real estate sector. Their long professional career and their direct contact with the international client make them know in depth the needs of the buyer, offering a totally personalized attention and a comprehensive service. A business model that is reinforced by the digitization of your company that operates mainly with international clients.

In addition to offering them very intuitive software , they have the backing of our after-sales support, an excellent web consulting service that allows them to manage their new website, getting the most out of all their tools.

If you want a custom software and web page for your real estate that makes your daily work easier, contact Mediaelx LetsInmo

Our real estate CRM is self-managed . You will see how easy it is for you to use our software, since it has very intuitive names and icons that make it easier for you to find its functionalities , easily learning how it works. It includes everything you need to manage your business without having to resort to other platforms:

  • Agenda: Schedule of tasks, calls, visits ...
  • Modify or add texts
  • Calendar
  • Receive notifications
  • Import or export properties with XML to your collaborators and / or real estate portals
  • Sending Newsletters
  • Etc.

The new real estate market demands the digitization of your company. Follow the example of ATLAS INTERNACIONAL and PS ESTATES and contact MEDIAELX. Our online marketing consultants will be happy to hear what your real estate needs are to create a personalized website with the most innovative technology .

To contact us choose any of the following options:

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Experts in import and export of XML Feeds and shipment of properties to real estate portals. In Mediaelx we advise you to offer you the most appropriate services for your business.

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