How to digitise a real estate agency in pandemic: read the story of Buy in Spain and SíSpain How to digitise a real estate agency in pandemic: read the story of Buy in Spain and SíSpain How to digitise a real estate agency in pandemic: read the story of Buy in Spain and SíSpain

How to digitise a real estate agency in pandemic: read the story of Buy in Spain and SíSpain
28 January 2022

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It all started with a call and a common concern: to adapt their real estate agencies to the changing needs of the digital environment . What they did not know then is that they had made one of the most successful decisions. We tell you why.

Buy in Spain and Sí Spain , two real estate agencies based in Spain, but with a wide range of homes focused on the foreign market, understood the need to get involved in the digital medium given the circumstances of the covid : travel restrictions, limited capacity, social distance, teleworking… The reality was and is that more and more people are looking for properties through their mobile phones or visiting houses virtually, which entails not only an injection of technology, but also a change in attitude: Think Digital .

Aware of this transformation, both real estate companies decided to put themselves in the hands of Mediaelx LetsInmo, listen to the good advice of our digital real estate advisors and together, carve out an unobstructed path towards digitization. Today we can say that they are two real estate agencies that have taken off on the Internet, making a qualitative leap in their web pages, in the way they provide their services (more accessible to everyone) and in the management of their businesses . Do you want to know how they got to this point? This deserves a separate chapter:

Keys in the digitization process of Buy in Spain and SíSpain: Professional website + real estate CRM

What changes have Buy in Spain and SíSpain undergone to be considered two digitized real estate agencies? This evolution can be seen mainly on its website, improving the experiences of its customers and in the company's work environment, creating fast, simple and automated work routines.

custom website

The web pages are the visible face of the company and the image in the real estate sector is a key factor, if not the most. A real estate agency with an outdated, slow or poorly designed website does not compete in the same conditions as another modernized and adapted to current technology . Buy in Spain and SíSpain know this very well. These are some of the improvements they have incorporated into their website:

  • Tailor-made, professional and responsive design (adapted to all screens: mobile, tablet, PC...)
  • Elements to facilitate user navigation , such as a comfortable property search engine in the Home or graphic cards with the types of properties or areas.
  • Image consistent with the corporate identity and values of the company
  • upload speed
  • Updated cookie policy
  • Etc.

CRM system

The next step to complete the digitization circle is the CRM. In other words, a management system through which you can concentrate all work tasks and take control of your real estate from any place and device , thus facilitating the teleworking modality.

The problem with CRMs is that not everyone knows how to use them. However, at Mediaelx we offer a very intuitive and easy-to-use CRM , as Buy in Spain and SíSpain, among many other real estate agencies, have proven. Any real estate agent with basic computer skills can handle this real estate software and multitask on their own:

  • Import partner properties with XML
  • Automatically export properties to known portals
  • Schedule tasks and meetings
  • Calls to clients (buyers and sellers)
  • Send automatic emails with the properties to the clients
  • Manage queries
  • Etc.

Do you also want to implement digitization in your real estate agency? contact us today

Make that “click” that your real estate needs to start taking the first steps or continue growing in the digital world . Buy in Spain and SíSpain did not know that it was such a comfortable and beneficial process until they contacted us. From here we thank you for the trust you have placed in us and we hope to continue hand in hand together, fulfilling many more objectives.

If you also want to be successful in the new digital age , we are here to help you:

  • Phone: + 34 601 223 257
  • Email: info@mediaelx.net
  • Office address: Calle Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, 58 – 03201 Elche (Alicante)

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