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​New functionality in the CRM: Private map with all your real properties and locations

7 April 2022 | Real Estate CRM System

You can now enjoy a new functionality in the CRM that will allow you to have a general map with all your properties and real locations. The real estate agent will be able to search for properties for their clients in a faster and more visual way, without having to resort to the drop-down menus and their endless lists.

All in a private way and always with the peace of mind that this map will not be visible on the public web. This functionality is designed to make the real estate agent's job much easier, as they often lose track of how many properties they have in an area. By accessing the map, they can know exactly the areas where they have the most properties available or, on the contrary, the areas they need to promote due to shortage.

​New functionality in the CRM: Private map with all your real properties and locations

What can having a private map in the CRM help you in your day-to-day work?

Working with a map where you can visualise all the properties you have listed at a glance will make your work much easier. Just think of all the advantages you can enjoy with this new functionality:

  • Faster searches by province, zone/area or town
  • It will allow you to have an idea of how many properties you have in the same area
  • You will be able to see in which areas you need to capture more properties
  • You will know exactly where your properties are located, being able to see the name of the streets, calculate the distances to the surrounding municipalities or the proximity to the sea.

With the map you will save a lot of time. It will also serve as a reference to really know all your properties you have by areas, you can even draw your own conclusions: "I need to capture more homes in this particular area", "I will promote more of my houses in Torrevieja which is where I have more supply," etc.

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