Goodbye to your problems of attracting houses: With the MLS - Mediaelx you will have the Real Estate offer you dreamed of! Goodbye to your problems of attracting houses: With the MLS - Mediaelx you will have the Real Estate offer you dreamed of!

Goodbye to your problems of attracting houses: With the MLS - Mediaelx you will have the Real Estate offer you dreamed of!
15 June 2022

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Are you having trouble finding homes? Too many efforts and not enough houses? That's because you still don't know the MLS - Mediaelx, a private and exclusive space, only for real estate agents, where you can get all the real estate offer you dreamed of more easily and without so many headaches.

  • More than 3.500 properties on the Costa Blanca, Costa Calida and Costa del Sol can be yours right now (with future extensions to other areas of interest in Spain).
  • More than 35 professional estate agents who share their homes, offering greater quality and variety.

Due to a shortage of properties, many agencies find that they are unable to satisfy the demands of their potential clients who arrive asking for a specific type of house. Maybe you are familiar with this situation or maybe you are not, but you would not like it to happen to you in the future. That is why it is important to anticipate and know how to offer a quick and effective solution, as at any moment you could have a bad time and have little product to sell.

With the MLS - Mediaelx you will never be short of properties to offer your clients. Whenever you need it, you can use the shared houses of other associated agents and build a much richer portfolio of homes, competent, expanding to other areas and with features that you did not have before and that, possibly, will delight your customers.

Find out the "tricks" / tools that the MLS - Mediaelx allows you to do to offer properties of other agents as if they were yours

You have several houses of your selected collaborators that interest you... and now what? How do you send the information of other agents' houses without them being yours? What do you do with the data that appears from the other agencies from which you have taken the properties?

The MLS - Mediaelx allows some unique functions that help you to better manage your partners' properties and get closer to your end client, saving you time and a lot of effort. You will be able to do wonders like...

  • Send houses from other collaborating agents by email to your buyer client, without having them on the web and without the need to upload them manually to the CRM.
  • Extract A4 print sheets in PDF of other houses with the data and logo of your own agency: AUTOMATICALLY! You don't need to use any editing software to copy and paste the logo, image or contact details of your real estate agency.
  • You will be able to get closer to your buyer client with personalised information, showing the seal of your real estate agency and without giving rise to confusion: when the client receives your email he will see that it is only one agency that sends him the properties and not several.

How to become a member of the MLS - Mediaelx

Now that you know the MLS - Mediaelx, you may be interested in joining and continue to improve the quality of your real estate services. You will be able to satisfy any buyer client that comes your way, without fear of running out of product or having little variety, thanks to the wide range of properties available in the system.

The list of associated agents grows every week, which will allow you to acquire a greater offer in other cities, towns or neighbourhoods. To have access to the more than 3,500 properties in the MLS - Mediaelx, just contact us:

  • Email: info@mediaelx.net
  • Telephone: +34 601 223 257 

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