The 5 Benefits of having an up-to-date Real Estate Blog The 5 Benefits of having an up-to-date Real Estate Blog The 5 Benefits of having an up-to-date Real Estate Blog

The 5 Benefits of having an up-to-date Real Estate Blog
7 February 2023

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Surely you have heard thousands of times that having a blog is important for the SEO of your real estate and you have turned a deaf ear.

First, because you don't have the time and second, because you may not always feel like writing. There are other priorities to attend to, you might think: receiving visits in the office, showing houses, attracting clients, taking phone calls...

But do you know what? The blog will always be that key piece that you are missing to make your real estate marketing make sense. With this tool you can achieve small triumphs such as improving the visibility of your website on Google, drastically increase visits or be a reference for many people looking to buy or sell.

We are not saying it ourselves. There are studies that already speak of figures that put the blog in the eye of the hurricane:

Companies that include the blog on their website, and constantly update it with content of interest, receive 67% more contacts and enquiries from potential customers compared to those who do not have one (HubSpot).

The 5 Benefits of having an up-to-date Real Estate Blog

Win over a new type of customer: the information seeker

When people want to buy houses, the first thing they do is bombard Google with thousands of questions: "Recommendations about the area", "Doubts about the purchasing process", "Nearest airport", "Residence permits", etc. We want to know everything about our future home.

Your website could provide the answers to all these questions and it is not doing so. Others are taking the credit. And in a market as competitive as real estate, that's not something you can afford, is it?

How a blog can help you boost your real estate business

Do you really know why it's important to have a blog? Many people think that a blog is just another section of their website, that it has to be there because the competition includes it, but few are aware of the many benefits it brings them:

Attracts potential customers

With news you can generate infinite texts that give answers to the questions and concerns that users ask. Let's be more precise. Imagine that a prospect is looking for information about what it is like to live all year round in Torrevieja: climate, beaches, gastronomy, leisure, etc. If your real estate agency has created content of related interest, it is more likely that these potential clients will contact your website. Imagine how many people you could reach!

Improve SEO or Web Positioning

Google positively values quality content, with a wealth of words and that are a good source of information for the user. A blog allows you to create regular content and keep your website updated. By publishing valuable texts, you can use a wide variety of keywords relevant to your business, which will help you to climb up the search engine rankings.

You can become a benchmark

By publishing informative and up-to-date content about the real estate market, your real estate agency can showcase its knowledge and expertise in the sector. This can help build the trust of potential clients in your property and motivate them to consider your services when they need them. With proper use of a blog, you can gain greater recognition and authority within your industry.

Differentiate yourself from the competition

More and more real estate agencies have an online presence, although many only present their portfolio of properties. If you want to differentiate yourself from the competition and attract qualified traffic, you need to include in your marketing strategy a real estate blog, where you can create different, attractive and valuable content for your visitors, such as useful tips, tourist guides, real estate market trends, testimonials... 

This type of content will help you to differentiate yourself from the rest of the real estate agencies and will allow you to establish a closer relationship with your audience, showing the most human side of your brand.

Improve the user experience

A blog can be a great way to provide superior customer service by answering their questions and providing solutions to their problems. By creating content that addresses the needs and concerns of your potential customers, you can help them make informed decisions and guide them through the buying or renting process.

A well-designed and easy-to-navigate blog can enhance your visitors' experience, which can increase their time spent on your website and motivate them to explore and learn more about your real estate services and contact you.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg of what you can achieve with a good blog on your real estate website.

The 5 Benefits of having an up-to-date Real Estate Blog

Do you want to stand out in the real estate market once and for all?

You've already seen the great potential that blogs have in the real estate market and all the benefits they offer. Now then: are you ready to create a blog section for your real estate and take the next step in your marketing strategy?

If the answer is YES and you are a client of Mediaelx...

Contact us to activate this option in your CRM. This tool is very useful and easy to use for clients who work with the CRM - Mediaelx. In addition, it is designed to help your texts to be positioned.

And if you are NOT a Mediaelx client...

You are in time to contract our CRM + PREMIUM WEBSITE, a project that will allow you not only to benefit from this powerful tool, but also to have at hand multiple functionalities for the daily management of your real estate.

Don't have time to manage the blog? Sometimes, delegating is the best option

We know that as a real estate agent you have to attend to many tasks during the day and that you cannot always dedicate all the time you would like to publish. That's why at Mediaelx we have a team of copywriters specialised in SEO and Real Estate Marketing who can help you get the most out of your real estate blog.

If you want to activate the news tool and enjoy all the advantages it brings, contact us.

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