Do you work daily outside the office? Our real estate management program is ideal for you Do you work daily outside the office? Our real estate management program is ideal for you

Do you work daily outside the office? Our real estate management program is ideal for you
14 November 2018

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Mediaelx has developed a real estate management program with the aim of improving the daily lives of all agents, especially those who spend a large part of their working hours outside the office.

We have developed a real estate CRM in Elche that reinforces the characteristics of the previous model and also includes new improvements, such as responsive design. With our web program for real estate agencies you can manage everything related to your real estate from wherever you are.

Our new CRM is more usable, more intuitive and above all, it includes more real estate management tools.


What tools does Mediaelx's new real estate management program include?

To help you get an idea of how you can benefit from our real estate management program, Mediaelx provides you with some of the many actions you can take in your work Jordan:

  • Sending emails and properties to potential customers: Now you can work from the street, receive a query and answer it with your mobile device instantly. You can send messages or properties similar to those that the user has searched.
  • Administration of tasks, calls and appointments: If you like that each of your working days are well organized, with our real estate software in Elche you can insert tasks and schedule calls and appointments with clients. In the calendar that exists in the private control panel, you will be able to inform yourself about each of the respective functions that you must perform each day.
  • Direct gateways to real estate portals: You will have the possibility of exporting at the moment the properties you want to the main real estate portals of the sector: Right Move, Zoopla, Kyero, A Place in the Sun, Think Spain, Green Acres, Idealist, etc.

These functions are also accessible from your personal or work computer. But at Mediaelx we are aware that for many real estate agents, their main work tool is the mobile phone. Therefore, we have designed a management program for real estate agents,focusing on adapting those needs to different mobile devices.

Would you like to know the rest of the functions of our real estate management program?

The new features of our new real estate management program are many more. But we want you to come and meet us to inform you of all its advantages.

We are waiting for you at Calle Vicente Blasco Ibánez, 58 Elche (Alicante). Our customer service phone is 966 222 989 and our email: info@mediaelx.net.

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