¿Tienes problemas para adaptar tu inmobiliaria al mundo digital? En Mediaelx te preparamos para el cambio ¿Tienes problemas para adaptar tu inmobiliaria al mundo digital? En Mediaelx te preparamos para el cambio ¿Tienes problemas para adaptar tu inmobiliaria al mundo digital? En Mediaelx te preparamos para el cambio

¿Tienes problemas para adaptar tu inmobiliaria al mundo digital? En Mediaelx te preparamos para el cambio
5 March 2021

The real estate sector is going through one of the most important changes in its work model: virtual visits, remote property management, 360º tours, smart contracts, telematic meetings, teleworking, electronic signatures ... The arrival of the pandemic has broken all schemes of real estate agents and if you are one of them, surely you feel identified with some of these situations:

  • Decentralized management in work areas
  • Lack of organization and team coordination
  • Unattended customer inquiries
  • Property listings that do not reach the ideal audience
  • Marketing actions that do not give results
  • Difficulty connecting with the ideal customer
  • Low productivity with repetitive manual processes
  • Real estate website without traffic
  • Wrong messages on social networks

The real estate sector could not be understood today without digitization. Only those real estate companies that face technological challenges and adopt a good online marketing strategy will be able to lead the market in their area . It is in your power to reverse this situation.

If you are one of those who bet on the comeback and fight to keep their real estate agency afloat, we have good news for you: at Mediaelx Digital Agency we accompany you in your first steps towards the digital transformation of your real estate . We will row in favor of the growth of your business at the most opportune and decisive moment.

Everything you need to have a 100% digitized real estate

For your real estate agency to advance and evolve, the solution is digitization. Taking on the internet giant may be scary at first, but when it starts to pay off, it's very rewarding. At Mediaelx Digital Agency we pave the way for you to make the definitive leap into the digital world, without fear . With a 360º view of your online business , the path is much easier.

  • Digital Marketing : We know very well the online strategies that your business needs to implement to start generating sales opportunities .

✅ Natural web positioning in search engines (SEO), advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook & Instagram, content creation, remarketing, brand recognition strategies, social media management ...

  • CRM + Customized website : we develop a professional and 100% personalized real estate website for you and also with internal management systems (CRM) that integrate automated workflows in a single platform (all-in-one) :

✅ Sending properties to free and paid portals, task and calendar manager, ordered databases, notifications of inquiries received, content management, sending emails and properties to potential clients

  • Graphic design : we renew the corporate image of your real estate with personalized designs that impact your target audience and represent the identity of your brand.
  • Consulting and advice for real estate companies on an ongoing basis : during your digital journey we will be by your side and guide you through the different needs of your digital business .

Ask our online real estate consultancy about the digital transformation of your business

Sooner or later all real estate agencies will reach the same turning point: Digitize or Die . Real estate companies are destined for digitization if they don't want to be thrown into a dead end. At Mediaelx we don't want that to happen to you ...

➡️ We will help you move to a renewing work model, without obstacles.

 ️ We will turn your real estate into an online reference in your area of influence .

  We will give you work patterns to optimize your day-to-day operational processes.

If this post has made you reflect on the direction of your real estate, talk to our online real estate consultancy in confidence. In the digital ocean there is space for companies like yours , all you need is a little push to get off the ground:

  • Telephone: +34 966 222 989 or +34 966 161 282
  • Email: info@mediaelx.net
  • Office: Calle Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, 58 03201 Elche (Alicante)

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