The impact of reviews on your business: Image, Purchasing Decision and Web Positioning The impact of reviews on your business: Image, Purchasing Decision and Web Positioning The impact of reviews on your business: Image, Purchasing Decision and Web Positioning

The impact of reviews on your business: Image, Purchasing Decision and Web Positioning
21 June 2021

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Did you know that 9 out of 10 consumers look at reviews before purchasing a product or service ? What before we knew as the traditional word of mouth among friends and family, today we see it transferred to the digital scene through the opinions of Google My Business.

We all have a mobile phone to which we consult what we need at the moment: "restaurant in Alicante", "concessionaire in Elche", "real estate in Moraira", etc. As a business, you want to appear as high as possible in Google results when a potential customer searches for your industry . This is where opinions play a very important role that, in addition to endorsing the quality of the product / service, is one of the key factors for Local SEO .

If you have a business and you had not noticed the impact that opinions on Google have on your consumers , we recommend that you pay close attention to its great benefits:

Increase credibility

✅ They give security and confidence to the consumer

They improve the image of the company

They help to make decisions : the consumer will always opt for the company that has the best ratings.

They validate the reliability of the product or service , especially if it is accompanied by a photograph or video.

They improve the visibility and web positioning of the Google My Business listing

All of these factors are more than enough reasons to incentivize your customers to write you a review . Our digital consultants can help you design a strategy to increase the volume of opinions on Google without being intrusive or intrusive .

Make positive reviews visible on your website to demonstrate the reliability of the company

Once an important source of reviews has been collected, the next step is to MAKE THEM VISIBLE. It is important that you make the positive opinions of your consumers known so that when future potential customers hesitate to buy your product / service or not, you can give them reasons to trust your business .

What is the best way to make your reviews visible? At Mediaelx we create personalized web pages where we can include:

  • Banner on the Home with the most relevant opinions of customers.
  • P age Testimonials fully self - managed, allowing the business owner to easily add the latest reviews and thus keep them on.

- 73% of consumers only trust reviews written in the last month.

It is essential to update the opinions to show the customer that you still offer a service or product that is worthwhile and that it has not lost its quality over time . For example, on the Mediaelx website, we have just included the opinions of the last month in our testimonials section: https://mediaelx.net/opiniones/

Don't you know how to manage reviews on Google for the benefit of your company? Our digital advisors in Elche guide you

If you are new to the digital world and you do not know very well how to face an effective strategy such as reviews on Google , at Mediaelx we are your guide. We have a team of digital advisors that can make your business great.

  • We will create a professional company profile in Google My Business
  • We will get more reviews from old and new customers
  • We will achieve a high average score in the evaluations
  • We will reduce the impact of negative reviews
  • We will design a plan to make them visible on the web
  • We will reinforce your local SEO strategy to obtain More Visibility and therefore More Sales Opportunities .

Do you want to start taking the reins of your company today? Contact our digital consultancy wherever you are. Call us or send us a message to arrange an online meeting :

You can also visit us with your mask at Calle Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, 58 03201 Elche (Alicante).

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