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Personalized and self-managed websites

Personalized and self-managed websites

We offer you a personalized design that will cover your needs.

Manage your products or services yourself

Manage your products or services yourself

You can add, modify or delete photographs, description and everything necessary.

Write your own blog or news section

Write your own blog or news section

Share the news of your business with your customers through an easy to manage blog.

Website design

In Mediaelx-LetsINMO you will find an expert company in the design of web pages for all types of companies. During our more than 18 years of experience we have carried out web projects to companies in the footwear, fashion, electronics, industrial, fluriculture sectors, etc. At Mediaelx-LetsINMO we have a clear focus on web design for real estate where we offer a customized real estate CRM.

In our company, all our projects are our own, so the client enjoys a tailor-made website. The control panels are also custom designed and are 100% self-managing . Our real estate CRM incorporates specific functionalities for real estate agents that help to improve the web management of their properties and clients to save them time and effort in their day to day:

  • XML property export and import system
  • Newsletter submission tool
  • Automatic response system to inquiries from real estate portals
  • Business calendar with calls, client appointments or pending meetings
  • Etc

At Mediaelx-LetINMO we are open to new proposals and improvements from our clients. So, if you have a company dedicated to a particular business and you want your control panel to incorporate a specific functionality, we will design a software based on your needs.

One of the main aspects to highlight of our professional web page designs is their adaptation to mobile devices ( responsive design ). With Mediaelx-LetsINMO you can manage your website from anywhere on the planet and allow your customers to access your website from any Smartphone, Tablet or laptop.

More features of our web page design

Another of the many features of our web page design is the possibility of incorporating multiple languages into your web page. If you want your products or services to reach more people, Mediaelx-LetsINMO offers you a professional multi-language website. We design web pages in Catalan, English, Polish, Chinese, French, Dutch, etc.

The private areas of our designs are designed to correctly manage your clients and commercials.

  • Register chips
  • Know the tastes of customers
  • Schedule appointments
  • Send information about your products or services by email
  • Etc

In addition to offering you the possibility of designing a customized corporate website, at Mediaelx-LetsINMO we give you the option of registering your domain with us and hosting it on a professional server.

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